Sunday, September 21, 2008

Girl Power In The Good Ole Days

Arnold, CA

One of the things I love about Fall is remembering when a group of my friends would get together and go to Blue Lake Springs for a weekend. This was about as close to heaven as I can remember in those days. I think there were between 8 & 10 of us that would go on any given year, and it was just so much fun. We'd pair up and take a meal and be responsible for it and so the whole weekend the cooking was planned and prepared in advance so we just had to pop something in the oven.

Norma & Maureen

No husbands, no kids, no responsibility; just good friends and time to kick back and enjoy girl time. No interruptions. This was pure B-L-I-S-S! Ladies what were we thinking to ever quit doing this? I think we went for about three years and then life just kept happening at an accelerated pace for everyone, until it was just a happy memory.

I don't have photo of the actual place but it looked something like this. It was a spacious A frame with comfy furnishings and everything we needed for a Nirvana weekend!

There was a big dormitory style room upstairs and a few bedrooms down stairs. We did pedicures...perhaps, these were the first ever spa nights? Oh no, I forgot about the slumber parties of our youth. At Blue Lake Springs, I can still remember Norma and Kelly up giggling most of the night. Those two are truly their own party. So much energy and fun to be around~just not at 3:00 am! We needed our beauty rest, after all!

This is when Lee and I became great friends! We shared a room downstairs and we stayed up too chatting and discovering so many things about each other~one of them her great love for bats! Yikes, and it was so close to Halloween! Another was how she slept so well because I snored just like Dave. How totally embarrassing!!! How totally feminine of me!

There was a lake there of seems rather small, more like a big pond, or maybe it was a dry year? Anyway, it's not like we were there for water sports or anything! I don't even think we went outside on the deck! Well, on second thought, we did get a little fresh air by going shopping at a cute country store or two where we always bought Halloween decorations and they had some awesome ones! And we'd also go out to dinner one night in a lodge type restaurant that had great Italian food. One year I ran into Jim's cousins, Joe and Nancy, there. What are the odds, really? They live farther away from Blue Lake Springs than we do!

What we mostly did on these great weekends was just laugh, laugh and then~ laugh some more. Such great therapy for a bunch of worn out moms of little kids! In our mothers' generation this would have never happened! We were so liberated, weren't we girls? Now my granddaughters cheer for Girl Power! There is something neat about it, no question! It doesn't get much better than this!

Barbie & Me!
Diggin' the Cher and Farrah hair?
And yet another pair of fashion eye wear!

I remember Lanette was doing her cross-stitching as we watched "The Witness" on the VCR, when Harrison Ford was a baby. We also had a birthday party for Norma one year to surprise her. Her birthday is on Christmas Eve and always gets overshadowed. I wish I had photos of everyone! Sorry Lanette, Kelly, Leslie, Chris, Linda and Fran! Did I miss anyone? Mary Hyatt?? Let's go again! What are we waiting for~the wheelchair era?

I don't remember how long ago this was, but I am guessing about 25 years ago. We are all still good friends. In fact, I am going to lunch with Lee today! I'll have to see if she's still into bats! Geeesh, I hope not, she's a dignified grandmother now!

Bat in a bottle~where they belong! EEEEK!

Addendum to the post~I ran a poll on the sidebar and
in the mouths of two or three witnesses...Kelly, you were there!


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Honestly, Bonnie, are you sure I was there? I can hardly (as in not at all) remember it. That's why you have to take pictures/write it all down. Although I'm sure if I had pictures, I'd have no idea where they were. I'm glad I had fun, though. And look how young you all were! Beautiful.

Bonnie said...

Kelly, this is hilarious! One of us is getting up there....I hope it is not me! Who else, I ask you, would stay up all night giggling with Norma? I am putting a poll on my sidebar to see what the others remember?? Too funny, nice hearing from you!

girlsmama said...

Now this is an idea that should be echoed in this generation! Maybe I can organize something...

I was so sorry to hear about Hazel on Friday, she is in our prayers, as well as Jen and family!

Lee said...

Wow, this is a great memory. We all learned great things about each other and had such fun. Yes, I'm still into bats! (Just kidding, grandma has moved on to grandchildren now!) I'm just batty.

Ralphie said...

Kelly, you were so totally there! In fact, the year of Norma's surprise birthday party, I said i would bring the cake because I had just taken the Wilton class. On the day we were leaving, I got a bad case of the flu and Bill had to tie me down to not go. You picked up the cake and the rest of the fixin's and I stayed home and cried. Bonnie, I am so impressed that first, you have photos and second, that you found them--it would take me a gazillion years to find that stuff. Yikes, those photos are probably on one of the 29 rolls that I haven't yet developed! Love and miss you all!!! ~Barbara

Laura said...

What a great tradition---that needs to be restarted!!! We younger girls need to start this tradition. We need to find a cabin for a girls weekend.

Bonnie said...
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mandy* said...

I LOVE that picture of you and my mom!!! I haven't seen pictures of my mom with long hair in a really long time. I grew up hearing stories of Blue Lake Springs. What a fun thing to do with your friends!

laura.elizabeth said...

WOW! What a trip! I SOOO remember those days. I love all those ladies! What fun!

Miss Jen said...

Ummmm....girls do we know anyone with a cabin? I'd say it's time!