Monday, September 29, 2008

Christmas Shopping in Utah~Sorta

While in Utah this week my main goal is to do the shopping for all the grandkids that live here. That would be 8! That way when we fly back on Christmas Eve we won't have to bring a ton of extra stuff or ship it all. Brilliant, don't you think?

Well, Grampa was sweet to volunteer to watch the little girls while Jen and I went out to do it. Love that man he is so good to us! We left the house about 9:00 so not much was open that early. So we decided to drop by Shopko. Well, we got all the kids things there and were done by 9:45 just in time for the stores to open so we could see if there was just one or two other little things they might like...and if you believe that... It was actually play time for Jen and me!

Can I just tell you that Utah has the best shopping around? Honestly, where we live cannot hold a candle to it. Check this out...

One of our favorite haunts!

Great decorative door for sale!

Witch Time!

Camo Jen

Jen and her Pumpkin Love!

More Pumpkins!

Lovin' the Ornamental Cabbages!

Beautiful Store

Who can think of Sugar Plums yet?

Happy Halloween!

Get your Broom!

The Veranda~So Posh and Beautiful!

Double Click this one if you like Sparkle like I do!

One of the greatest pleasures I have in this life is spending a day like this one with my girls!


Bonnie said...
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Miss Jen said...

Super fun day! Thanks, Mom!

CA Poppy said...

The Veranda looks like lots of fun!Bonnie You're a very groovy mom.I miss,Michelle.

V and Co. said...

ugh so jelous i tell you! miss you girls!

Laura said...

Oh, SOOO much fun. I am so jealous, in a good way!!! How I miss the Porch. What great fun. THanks for sharing all the pictures, it made me feel like I got to go along too.

Bonnie said...

One thing I did not make clear to those of you that have not been here. There must be 20 great stores like this in the immediate area...maybe more. We don't even have one in our town!

Missy said...

So glad you had a day off together!

Jim said...

You mean you actualy finished the "Kids" shopping in 45 minutes and spend teh rest of day playing!! Well good for deserve some quite time together and I was happy to help.

Gail Victoria said...

I'm glad you both had a great get-away day.

I want that big pumpkin with the face. Call me!


laura.elizabeth said...

I am having shopping envy over here. Not merchandise envy (thought I am sure you got some great stuff) but shopping envy. You have no idea how much I wish I could go out with you and Jen and spend a day shopping. Utah really has a corner on it- I'm telling you.