Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surgery and the Sisterhood

Hazel waiting to be examined at one of the check points

Hazel had her surgery on September 30th at Children's in Salt lake. The procedure she had is a reversible one and is designed to relieve the pressure in her bladder that causes her kidney reflux. The surgery will be reversed when she is a little bigger and can then have the valve repair she needs. They have quite the procedures there for doing kids' surgeries. You enter at a certain point and go through these different check stations.

Always Smiling!

When we got to the last one the anesthesiologist told Jen that the procedure was less dangerous than driving to the medical center. That was nice to hear. He picked up our little girl and just walked to surgery with her in his arms...that was tender. She went right to him~it was so sweet.

I was a miserable failure at keeping Jen company as it was at that point that I realized I was really not feeling well. I got really sick and realized that being away from home in that state is the worst..even in a hospital, there is no comfort in it. I could not believe I was having the flu for the 2nd time in Utah. Bummer! Somehow we got home and I managed to give it to Hazel on the trip home. She surely did not need that the day after surgery~poor baby. Her recovery has gone very well and no more catheterizing for Jen and Lowell anymore~ so hooray for that!

Here are some of the photos I wanted to include to show you the kind of sisterhood I see in their home that warms my heart so much.

There Can Never Be Too Much Love!