Saturday, September 27, 2008

Julia Mae's Baptism Day

Julia's Flower~She picked it herself! (from flickr)

In our Church children are baptized when they reach the age of accountability or age 8. At that time they are baptized by their father if he is a worthy Priesthood holder. Lowell baptized Julia yesterday and it was a wonderful event. Julia was so excited to be baptized and to become an official member of the Church. She wore a beautiful, white, fancy dress and she was so excited about her special day. She was sorry that her Aunt Laura and Uncle Robert and her cousins couldn't come and she really missed her Stewart Grandma and Grandpa and all her Stewart aunts, uncles and cousins. But she totally knew that they would have all been there if they could have been, and she felt very loved by those that were present and those that could not come.

Such an Exciting Day for Our Family!

Daddy's Julia Mae!
All photos can be doubled clicked for enlargement

Happy Family!

Julia's best friends joined the family in celebrating her baptism!

Beautiful Julia loves Jesus and is Happy, really Happy today!
She is has deep spiritual side that always shines through.

Grandma and Grampa are pretty Happy too!
To say we love this little girl doesn't
really seem special enough.

We Totally Love Her!

Today in Sacrament Meeting she leaned over to me and told me how happy she is to be a member of the Church! I am sure she will serve in the Church and be happy in doing so all of her life! She is one of God's most beautiful doubt about it! We are proud of your decision, Julia Mae!

Now on the the PARTY!
Jen made a great dinner for everyone with three different kinds of soup and bread bowls with all the trimmings. We had white cupcakes for dessert to celebrate Julia's big day and Hazel's first birthday a few days ago.

The cousins!

Uncle Chris and Owie!
Owen has just learned how to say "Hello!"

Silly Faces!

The Hofheins and the Houses~really special friends to us all!
Becca & Gordon, Grampa and Kim and Hazel!

David, Kim & Shelby House with Piper

Grampa among the sunflowers and pumpkins!
The yard is gorgeous this time of year.

Everyone watching Hazel dive into her cupcake!

Traci catching the action! We love those Hartmans too!
She is a great photographer!

Hazie has done this before~check it out on her real birthday post!


Laura said...

I love her baptism dress. A beautiful day for a beautiful little girl! Congratulations Julia!

Laura said...

BTW, I love your comment as we make comments, so great. I will have to figure out how to do something similar!!!

rwmjs said...

Bonnie Thanks for all the great pictures and commentary. Allows me to keep up a little which I greatly enjoy! The pictures for Julia's baptism were great, as well as Hazel's party Mary Jane

laura.elizabeth said...

I love this post mom. Thanks for sharing all of the photos. It is the next best thing to being there myself. I sure love those little girls. Julia is a angel. She looks so cute and so pure. I just love her. And Hazel, I love this picture. She is such a doll.