Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bedroom Post For Blissfully Domestic Today

Is Your Master Bedroom Your Refuge?

September 25th, 2008 by Bonnie

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Often times I am asked, “Where do I begin to decorate in my home?” This answer may surprise you, but I usually suggest beginning in the most neglected room in the house, the Master Bedroom! Some people find that strange since it is the least viewed by visitors. This may be true, but keep in mind that you decorate primarily for your own family. When making your home a comfortable and inspiring environment-the master bedroom is very important.

Many times when I enter a home to do a redesign consultation, I find that the master bedroom is a catch all for everything. It is not uncommon to find unsightly gun racks, sporting equipment, bags of stuff being donated to charity, craft items, dirty clothes, old newspapers, etc.

Whether you are single or married your master bedroom should be your retreat from this hectic, crazy world. If you are a young mother it is particularly important. You need a special place for just you and your husband. It should be relaxing, romantic and inviting. It is best when oozing comfort and warmth created by using lots of texture and beautiful fabrics. It can feel like a nice 5-star, luxury hotel room but better as you add your personal touches. This need not be overly expensive as you can purchase many things at reasonable prices. Your room should never be cluttered with anything that does not belong in a bedroom. Try making it mentally and physically relaxing and adorn it with things you love.

Recently I helped a client redesign her bedroom. Look at the stunning results.

This room is the epitome of sophistication, elegance and romance!

Remember that lighting is so important in a bedroom. Often overhead lighting is way too harsh. However, in this room a chandelier has been installed replacing a ceiling fan and look how beautiful it is! Add a dimmer switch to create the setting you desire.

New taller bedside lamps were purchased also and we have found that buffet lamps look perfect in a bedroom and actually cast reading light where you need it, when the bed has been elevated.

Dated pink and blue wallpaper was removed and a nice warm paint tone was selected that compliments the new bedding. Always pick your bedding first and then choose your paint. Most people want to do it the other way around and that is much harder.

The bed will be the focal point of the room so make it beautiful with textiles, various textures and decorative pillows. Make it a lovely relaxing retreat for yourself and your spouse. Have fun creating your own personal retreat. You would be surprised how many men enjoy having a beautiful bedroom. I have had several call me and say, “Thank you!” They didn’t even realize it was important to them until they experienced the difference it made in their lives.


Ralphie said...

So very true, Bonnie. I remember walking into our bedroom one evening long ago and telling Bill that I was tired of it looking like a warehouse. We moved out the junk on the floor, moved some furniture around, placed our favorite candles, vowed to keep it looking more like "our space" and, voila--instant makeover! After that, I began experiencing feelings of peace every time I entered that room. It truly became a retreat.

Becca said...

I have a story for you about the men actually enjoying a beautiful bedroom room. We just redid our old & tired master bedroom. Our room was boring! I always had laundry at the foot of the bed that needed to be folded or some project that I couldn’t get to yet. Anyway.............
I told my husband I wanted to re-do the room and of course he just rolled his eyes. Couldn’t care less, looked fine to him. But I pressed on, I had read another on line article about how your bedroom should look like your own private hotel retreat. You should use lots of textures and layers and buy the highest thread count sheets you could afford. My search took me to an online store called Elegant Linens (which was what I was looking for). I found this gorgeous bedding set by Sferra called “Chadwick, here is the picture of it. I wanted to get something elegant but not too feminine by my husband’s standards. Well anyway it only took a few
paint color changes to go with the new bedding and wow what a difference.
My husband could not believe how much “he” likes the room now. Get this, he says” I’m glad we did this”! Now I am going to work on him for your chandelier Idea. I like that!