Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Colberg/Hallsted Cousins Reunited!

Judy and Ray live out in the farm lands of Milton Freewater, Oregon. Fortunately it is only about five miles from College Place, WA as we went back and forth several times in the short time we were there. Thursday night we went out there for dinner with all the family. We also went back on Friday for lunch and dinner. I only have included a small fraction of the photos we took. This was one of the most fun and peaceful places I have ever been. They have a beautiful apple orchard, a great and comfortable home, and a corn field. And the only house I could see around them was a little red farm house way down the road. They have a pool for the kids and decks all around the house. The view from the back is amazing.

Every city dweller needs to be in a place like this to realize we are all crowded together and missing something essential. Peace, quiet and space! It seems to slow the clock down quite a bit and allows you to be a human being, not just a human doing! That alone makes me want to go back...and then there are the cousins!

View from the back deck!

Chuck and Jane

Chuck and Steve

Shaun and Jake

Jan, Judy, and Me~these were special moments!

Judy and Ray

Wally (Uncle Walter's son~our step-cousin) & Chuck
Uncle Walter and Auntie Grace were married for 26 years before she died.

I felt really badly that somehow we did not get any good pictures of David and Penny and their kids and grandkids while we were there. But the beauty of modern technology~he sent me one to insert here! Thanks, David!

David and Pennie!

All the little kids were in constant motion but there were several there. We tried to keep a fairly low profile with the camera and even sent Judy's daughter, Kayla around to snap a few for us. Most of Aunt Grace's grandkids and great-grandkids were there. It was a beautiful reunion. I really saw the truth in the saying that 'blood is thicker than water.' I totally felt my grandparents and other ancestors there, my Aunt Grace, my Dad and Mom, and our brother, Gary. Jan's, daughter, Shannon, made a beautiful video tribute to Aunt Grace and the family and I can hardly wait to receive our copy. I just felt so much joy and connectedness with all of them, and I know Steve did too! I really am in awe of how important they all really are to me. Even though we have not had a lot of time together over our life times, it has always been quality time and I cherish the memories. Aunt Grace and Dad have now passed the torch to us. I want to do all I can to maintain these precious relationships. We love you, dear cousins!


Miss Jen said...

It's odd to see all these people that you're related to that I've never laid eyes on!

Bonnie said...

You are also related of course..They are your first cousins once removed.