Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Separation Survival 101

I just have to say once again how much I love blogging and sharing. This is such a great post and one all moms can probably identify with on some level. This is the stuff that separation survival is made of when your beloved kids and grandkids live in Italy and you haven't seen them for over six months. I love the adoration in the eyes of Ross for his big brother in the picture!

Counting my Blessings~by Laura

So after the whole auto port melt down yesterday we got the in the car to come home and Ross asked, "Mommy, are you mad at us?" I felt terrible. I told him I wasn't mad at him just mad at the situation we were in. Spencer said (something he hears Robert say often), "What can we do to help Mom?" (I love that boy) I thanked him for the offer but told him I couldn't think of anything. After we got home and I finished furiously typing my last post Spencer came down stairs and said, "I know what I can do to help Mom- I can make dinner." I told him I thought that would be fantastic. So he went upstairs and scrambled 8 eggs, made two box of Mac and Cheese (the last of our emergency dinner stash) and toasted 4 pieces of bread. It took about an hour but he did an amazing job! Ross and I both agreed it was one of the best dinners we had ever eaten! It was SO nice to have someone else call me up to dinner to a change (never mind the 3 hours worth of cleaning up it took to put the kitchen back together). What really touch me was Spencer's thoughtfulness and willingness to work for the family. Honestly, who could be upset about anything with that kind of love and support from a 9 year old boy! I decided right then and there that I had better stop complaining and feeling sorry for myself and start counting my blessings.

Two of my favorite blessings- Spencer and Ross!!
My happy, healthy, good boys!