Monday, September 22, 2008

Famous Look-Alikes

Jen posted these pop art self-portraits of Piper and Julia~
For those of you who have known our girls~
Tell me they don't look like Jen and Laura as little girls!


laura.elizabeth said...

Wow, that is a crack up. I really thought- hey that looks like me! How funny. I love Jewls glasses- I am on the quest for a new pair myself.

CA Poppy said...

Those self-portraits are great, I'd love a tutorial on how to make them. just looking at them makes me,Michelle.

Laura said...

So cute----they do look a lot like your girls----would've never seen that in Julia if I hadn't seen the blonde wig over her picture. That is great!!!

Miss Jen said...

OK...they are pretty cute aren't they???