Sunday, September 28, 2008

Super Grandpa

Everyone needs a super grandpa! Our grandkids have one. When Jim comes with me to Utah everyone is happy. Grampa is not only a big helper around the house, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and general maintenance and special projects, but also loves to have adventures with the kids. Grandpa is always thinking up fun things to do with them and last week in Utah was no exception.

He loves to take the kids outdoors and of course all that are big enough love that too. Jim calls it 'Grandpa Camp' and it all started in earnest when Hazel was born and he took care of the other girls for two weeks. This past week he took the kids on a great bike ride in the canyon after spending a few hours there with the family one afternoon.

Such a pretty place to relax and enjoy the mountain fresh air!

The canyons are so beautiful this time of year

As the wheels of the stroller are turning,
Grampa is
already planning the next trip here on
Wednesday afternoon after school with the big kids.

Beautiful foliage everywhere!

The Wonder of it all!