Friday, September 19, 2008

Italian Shinanigans

After reading Laura's current post I thought there are a few things I can tell you about what is happening in Italy. Laura and I were brainstorming about how I could have a better communication experience with Spencer while being half a world away and we came up with something really fun. We wanted something that would be just for him and fun and on-going so we came up with writing a story together. Laura opened a private blog for him and then I started a story and stopped at a point where he then continued on with the story. We have gone back and forth several times and the story is really amusing. It is funny but when you write fiction it really takes on a life of its own. Neither of us have a clue where it is going but the journey is the thing that is fascinating. I am sure if you linked to Laura at the above link she would invite you in to check it out.

Spencer wants to be a writer when he grows up!

This is a great way to communicate with a grandchild and also a great way to get inside their minds and to teach little lessons along the way. I would love to start one with each of the bigger grandkids.

Now for a little tale about Rossie. Laura has been using the book Deceptively Delicious by Seinfeld's wife, Jessica, that I know is familiar to a lot of you. It is a cookbook helping moms get as many veggies and fruits as possible into to their child's diet in a sneaky, fun way.

Well, Ross has always been a very good eater and loves most things but lately he has gotten on a kick. He loves to recommend menus to Laura. See this post. Anyway, he now seems to HATE new recipes.

I think she may have pushed the envelope a little too hard by making one of his favorites, Mac & Cheese with a really yucky new kind of stinky cheese (called cauliflower)! I think I may be with Ross on this one, Lou! So the other night she tried another recipe and Ross threw a bit of a fit about it when he asked her what was for dinner. As it turned out he went to bed without dinner that night because he staged a rather loud and naughty protest on the way to the table. In typical Ross fashion, always thinking, he was obedient by sitting down at the table but not until he had turned his chair completely around with his little back to his food and family. This did not amuse his daddy! I am glad I was not there because it definitely would have amused me! (Don't mess with the Navy!)

This is one funny little guy!
Maybe he'll be a chef when he grows up
or another Seinfeld!


mandy* said...

What a great idea to write a story with Spencer! You are such a great grandma. That is my favorite picture of Ross!!

laura.elizabeth said...

Seinfeld- for sure!

Miss Jen said...

Oh Ross! Chloe reminds me of him more and more as she gets older and more verbal. She is funny and cheeky and cracks me up every day. Her latest thing is if I am kind of blowing her off with an uh-hu (yes) or an uh-uh (no), she'll grab my arm and say "Mom, is that a yes or a no?" As you may have guessed this is a direct quote from me! Why is it always so shocking to hear your own words coming back at your from the mouth of a child?