Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School Days

It has been a long time since I have had a first day of school but I still remember the excitement of the end of summer and the beginning days of school. The air is crisp in the mornings and the leaves are beginning to turn. The most exciting thing is seeing who will be in your class and if you like your new teacher. The things I remember most about our kids going to school is walking down the halls to drop them off at their classrooms and looking down to see every little kid in their brand new shoes! These are important days in the life of our little ones. Congrats to all for the great beginnings for this new year. Study hard and have lots of fun too!

Connor begins 3th grade and has
Julia Mae in his class again this year!
How fun for these cousins!

Aynslee is a seasoned student after attending
BYU Preschool last year but
this is her first day of kindergarten!

Zachary James starts preschool today!
Enjoy BYU, Big Guy!

Miss Chloe & her best friend, Shelby
start preschool with Miss Jessica. How exciting!

Missy and Jen sent me these cute photos of the kids on the first days of school. Would love one of all the other kids to add in here! Need one for Spencer, Ross Piper and Julia! Can it be that Jen and Missy will actually have a minute each day with just one baby? Laura is on her second year of this special time you thought would never come. Enjoy, sweet daughters!


ELDON and SHELLI said...

You sure have darling grandchildren, Bonnie. I'd post pictures of them too! :)

girlsmama said...

Can I say that Chloe (Shelby too!) have been a joy to have! Chloe makes me laugh everyday. She certainly has a mind of her own and isn't afraid to express it. She is a darling little girl!
-Miss Jessica