Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Halo

Happy Birthday Littlest Angel!
What's a Birthday you ask? Well, it is Your Special Day.
This is the day that everyone celebrates you,
Hazel Jo: your sweetness, your uniqueness, your love of life.

This is the Day we Thank God for You
and all you have taught us and brought us.

~We Thank You For~

Teaching us to smile even when things aren't so great sometimes.

For teaching us how to serve in lots of new ways.

For coming here with the light of Christ shining all around you
~Your Special Halo!~

For showing us how deeply little children can love
as we watch your sisters and cousins &
little friends treat you so sweetly.

For working so hard on your physical therapy
And teaching us all we can do hard things too!

Thank you most of all for being you and being ours!

There are no words to tell you how much you are loved!

Eat Cake, Baby!

Mean while over in Utah she decided to take me up on the offer to Eat Cake!

Do you think Hazie liked her cake?

Party in Full Swing!

Everyday is a Princess Party at this house!


laura.elizabeth said...

I can't believe she is a year old. What miracle she is. What a blessing she is to all of us. I loved your thoughts about Hazel and the impact her life has already had on the world. Thanks for sharing. And Happy Birthday Baby Halo!

Ralphie said...

Sweet posting, Bonnie!