Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Miss Aynslee!

No Way......Way!

1st Day of Kindergarten
Love the new bangs! Perfect!
You remind me of your Aunt Laura at this age!

Although Ayns is turning 6 tomorrow she is actually having a birthday season! She had a party with the cousins and the House kids yesterday and another party today with her neighborhood friends and then tomorrow her Aunt Joslyn is coming to visit. Wow, what a celebration. And then on Thursday Aunt Carrie is flying in and on Friday Grampa and I will come for a visit too. So I think that is a season, don't you? She'll probably need at least this many cupcakes, don't you think? I know her mommy made some pink ones with white frosting and sprinkles but I couldn't find any picture to match that exactly!

Party Cupcakes!

Can I just tell you I love little girls, especially our granddaughters? They are so cute and so much fun and Aynslee Ardell is our third pretty Princess. She is right smack dab in the middle of Piper, Julia, Chloe and Hazel! These girls all love each other and that is my favorite thing of all.

Aynslee had a "Glamorous" birthday theme for her parties. Missy said she got some great presents with a big beauty kit from her Stewart cousins and a fun decorated clip board from Aunt Jen. She got lots of fun art stuff from the House kids and a couple of cute PetShops and a very girly purple canopy for her very own, long-awaited bedroom. I have a feeling there will be more presents coming too! She really is a pink and purple girl and we love her so much. She has the cutest little smile and she has really been growing up a lot this year. See for yourself!

Last Fall-The Perfect Pumpkin
One of my favorite photos of all time!


Winter Time

Summer Fun

Mom's getting her $s worth with every seat taken!

Precious Princess!

This one's for you, Aynslee!

Grampa and I love you very very much!
We'll personally deliver your birthday hugs and kisses next Saturday!


Kathy said...

What a precious birthday girl!

Miss Jen said...

Happy Birthday Anyns! There are some really super cute pics of her on this post.