Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Relaunching of the Blissfully Domestic Site

Today by Clicking Here you can see the brand new, improved Blissfully Domestic Site. This has always been a tremendous site but now it is totally over the moon. Since I will be a contributing writer on this site on the Home and Garden Channel from time to time and also on the Family Channel I am hosting a Give-Away to celebrate the occasion. So tell all your friends! Since there are 12 channels on the Blissfully Domestic site, I will be holding the drawing for the Give-Away in 12 days on the 13 of September. The prize will be a surprise but I promise it will be blissful and domestic!

So what you have to do to enter the drawing is: Go to The Site and check it out. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me something you found that you liked or was of interest to you. Pretty simple, right?

While you are at it, add it to your Google Reader or whatever you use and enjoy the daily delights of Blissfully Domestic!

Please note ~ I am redesigning my Special Interest Blog on Designing and Decorating Homes that can be found here. I will be posting some of my design posts on both sites in the future.


Miss Jen said...

Hello! I LOVE the new BD site. Much more classy than before, it was more cutesy I thought with the girls on the banner. I love the tabs and the badges that you can find things with too- way cooler and MUCH easier! I mostly love that you will be on there. Are you going to be in the Blissful Home and Blissful Family categories??
You don't need to enter me in your drawing but just wanted to say hi and 'LOVE IT'!

Bonnie said...

Of course you will be entered into the drawing! Thanks for checking it out. Yes, I will be posting on both channels eventually.

Laura said...

I am excited to check it out---and I LOVE the picture of the flower. I can't get enough of flowers!!!!

mandy* said...

I love that website!! I can tell that I am already going to be addicted to reading Frugal Living.

Gail Victoria said...

Much much nicer site. It is actually much easier to see how much they have to offer. I look forward to reading your articles. Way to go Bon!! (Please don't enter me in your contest, however much I might like something special from you, at this moment I am full up!)

Bonnie said...

Gail, if you win I'll make it something consumable like movie tickets! Glad you like the new site. They did a beautiful job on it didn't they?

Bonnie said...

Cousin Beth said,

Dear Bonnie,

Much as I wish I were or would like to be blissfully domestic, I'm just not. Last January, when I was considering remodeling my kitchen, it wasn't even a close decision to go around the world instead. The highest I aim for is Neat and Clean. After that, I lose focus and wander off to read. I haven't rearranged my furniture in 38 years.

But more power to the blissfully domestic. You make life so pleasant for your families. And how exciting for you to be embarking on a new venture.

Love you,


Bonnie said...

Cathy lee said:

"This is so wonderful-great news! I looked at this site and it is fabulous!"

laura.elizabeth said...

Wow, I love this site! Seriously I could spend hours and hours looking at, reading about, and taking notes on all the great posts. I am excited to see what you have written for it. I know it will be great. I recently look my links element off my blog- BD might require I put it back on!