Monday, September 15, 2008

GPS~Don't Leave Home Without It!

I just returned from Washington. My brother Steve and I had the opportunity to quickly pack our bags and go to our Aunt Grace's funeral. We left on Wednesday mid-morning and just returned last night. This was truly a unique experience to have that much one on one time with my brother. I don't think we have ever had that much time with just the two of us in our entire lives. I just wish our brother Gary could have come also.

We talked and laughed and teased and discussed and solved all the world's problems! If only anyone would listen to us! We left in such a hurry we had no decent road maps, but Steve did pretty well! We decided to write-in someone we really think might make a good president, ended the war, solved all the social dilemmas, we discussed everything under the sun with four days in the car, you know how that is! The best thing we did was we talked about how important it is to keep the family strong and how much we loved seeing our cousins for the first time in decades. Along with that we got to honor and pay tribute to our wonderful aunt and to see evidence of all her hard work for her family, and the legacy she left for her posterity.

Here are some of the sights along the way:

Oregon is so beautiful in many places~reminds me of Tahoe/Donner area

This Place Was Gorgeous!

Mapquest Failed Us Here!

Hmmm...Why Didn't We Bring A Map?

Towering Trees

Fancy Bridge Near Kennewick, WA

River Boat on the Columbia

Island on the Columbia

Sad Reality!

It was great bonding! Love you, Stevie...thanks for putting up with your big sister for five whole days! And for doing 9/10th of the driving! It was expensive at the pumps but worth every single penny!


Mark said...

It sounds like you had a great trip! Aren't brothers great? I would love to go on a road trip with Andy and Alex. It would be a major adventure.

Miss Jen said...

I'm glad you guys decided to go. Those are important things to do even when it is expensive! Sheeeeesh! What's with the gas at 4.14???

laura.elizabeth said...

I am so glad you guys went and so glad you had such a good time together. I think is siblings road trip is a great idea- Jen, Chris are you up for it? I am glad you got to be at Aunt Graces Funeral too. I hope you feel better about it now. BUT... I don't want to hear any complaining about the gas prices. We pay well over $5.20 a gallon here. And our ratty old Ford doesn't get any better gas mileage in Italy than it did in the States. Oh what can be done? Did you and Uncle Steve solve the gas crisis on your road trip too? What did you come up with- I'm all ears.