Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aynslee and Zach's Puppet Show


Sister Susie said...

Nice program. I expecially like the singing! The animals were really happy! Lol!

Marie said...

Clearly the creative apple has not fallen too far from the tree there! How utterly adorable. Loved it all, especially the singing! xxoo

BECKY said...

This is just so cute, Bon!! I LOVE that Aynslee sang the whole thing!! She has a great voice, too! What a joy, huh?

Hope all is going well with you gal! I have been missing visiting with you!! I am trying to visit everyone tonight before the week gets too busy again!!

Love you! Let me know how to pray for you this week, ok?

How is Hazie doing?

Bonnie said...

I thought this was just so cute and I love the dramatic way in which Anys sang it. All the vibrato and such! Now that I am home whatever will I blog about? Life happens...I'll think of something to keep you sweet friends coming back!

Love you all...B

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon bon,
Loved their lil puppet show, how adorable. Loved how Ansylee sang the whole thing with such gusto.
I think you might have a lil singer on your hands.
What fun!!
You will have those memories as keepsakes forever, how nice.
Bet it was good to get home and see hubby and sleep in your own bed and enjoy your new spa again!! lol
Have a great day.
Actually, our paint does look a lil bit better, it is not that I dont like the color cause I do, it
is just in makes the one in the watercloset look so green, think
we are gonna change the light bulb in there, cause it is yellow light, and that might help, plus I am thinking that if I could find
a shower curtain that had all the colors I need, that could solve the whole problem, cause we really don't want to repaint, cause we still have woodwork to paint as well. Just got to give it some time and thinking. It doesn't look quite as bad after seeing it for a few days, I have to say! Have a great day.
Love ya, Nellie