Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lookee What I Found...

It just warms my heart to see these beautiful photos of our girls having fun together in Italy last November. This is why I love to raid the iPhotos at Jen and Lowell's house! I know the girls had a fantastic time together and nothing could make a mom happier than two kids that love each other, and are having a memorable time together and getting a little respite from their very busy lives!

I do not recognize the stairwell where Laura is standing but I definitely recognize Florence behind Jennifer. Such a beautiful city and our girls dressed it up quite a bit! I'd have given my eye teeth to be with them on this little trip but it was so important for them to just have this great time alone together. Happy times, even vicariously!


margaret said...

Laura looks soooooo like you - are you sure that photo isn't you with a little bit of pixie dust?

Shaun at Oak Den said...

So fun! I love that stairwell photo, really intriguing.

I keep forgetting to tell you that we moved our France trip to April. Soon! Can't wait. but every time I see some of your Italy pictures I think, "humm...Italy. When can we make THAT happen?"

Hope you're enjoying our Utah weather. Not. We are so ready for Spring and today it is snowing. *sigh* I remember going home to Fairfield when I was at BYU. Utah was always so brown and dreary this time of year and California was always so beautiful and green from the winter rains. It's good you came for family and not the superb weather!!

Have a great visit!

Caroline Craven said...

I swear Laura is just a carbon copy of you. I see resemblances in Jen too, but not as strong as Laura. No wonder you have such beautiful grandkids. Sorry for the dreary weather here in Utah. It is actually sunny up here in Cache Valley, but who knows for how long. That could all go away within the next few minutes!!!

LA Adams said...

Sisters are wonderful! The connection can be magic and it's great to have girls!!!

BECKY said...

Hi Bon! Your daughters are so lovely! What an awesome thing to be able to do together. I would LOVE some time like that with my sis!! Maybe one day!

How is little Hazie doing, sweetie? She has been on my heart.

Hope your week is going well. Mine is full and a bit challenging, but I am pushing through with the Lord!!

Love ya!