Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't You Find This Ironic?

I have been thinking about this for awhile now and am wondering if you find it odd that most people in our culture have such a laissez-faire attitude towards moral right and wrong when interviewed on the street, so to speak. Most people think it's just fine for people to live together when ever and how ever they choose, disregarding the formality of a marriage. Most people seem to ascribe to the notion that what you do privately is your business and no one else's and who can it possibly be hurting, etc.

Anything goes on TV and in movies anymore and most don't bat an eye. Marketing continually features sexually-orientated ads about most products without giving it a second thought, etc. The order of the day goes something like is just a part of life, no big deal. Doing your own thing is the modern approach to living and people who care to place something beyond that between a man and a woman, or two men or two women are just religious, right-wing fanatics. They are so old-fashioned and uncool, and frankly quite narrow-minded and stupid. Moral decay has been running rampant for decades and it's rarely even up for discussion anymore. No big deal, right? We've all been desensitized to it.

So a certain public figure and professional athlete gets caught big time in a sex scandal and these same people who shrug off stuff like that all the time...go ballistic? I find that incredibly ironic. The same people that think a little on the side is just fine, and a good number of them have probably done just that, are now ostracizing this wild cat? Sponsors are dropping him like a hot potato and his public, repentant press release has fallen on deaf ears.

I find that all very ironic, being in that religious, right-wing camp, who believes in the sacredness of marriage and fidelity between a man and a woman. It seems to be a really telling thing regarding the supposed liberals, who support the anything goes morays of the society, but find themselves quite uneasy with this guy's indiscretions.

In an odd sort of way it reinforces our belief that each person is born with the light of Christ within them and that maybe, just is not completely snuffed out within our liberal thinking brothers and sisters, after all. It appears that the fallen hero is not just fallen because of the right wing faction. After all everyone knows the society doesn't listen to the silent majority most of the time anyway. I doubt that the board members of these big sponsoring companies would admit to being a group of religious people, it's just not PC, so it seems something weird has occurred. Some of them have to be speaking out of both sides of their faces on these issues.

Anyway, I find the whole thing interesting and sad and perplexing and extremely ironic. I do not support in any way the things that he did to hurt a myriad of people, not the least of whom were his wife and children. But I am surprised by the reaction to it from those among us that live a life style of 'eat, drink and be merry and never mind about archaic values and beliefs.' It gives me a bizarre kind of hope that the institution of the traditional family is not as domed as it often appears in our culture. We just have to keep our families strong, it seems to be the answer to every social ill. If it's broken and dysfunctional there, the outlook is dismal. If it is strong and healthy and functional we have a fighting chance!

And those are my thoughts this dark, rainy morning at 6:00 am.


Caroline Craven said...

Weren't these same voices telling us just a few months ago that marriage between a man and a woman is archaic, and we need to move with the times, and not be so bigoted? Weren't those of us who hold marriage vows as sacred being demonized for our beliefs? I agree completely with what you said. Aside from all that, wouldn't you just love to have wedding pictures just like the one you used? I love everything about that photo - big hats, big bouquets of flowers, big flowing fabric every where, big class. I loved it.

Bonnie said...

Yes, I think they were the same voices. I was wondering if anyone else felt as I do about this charade going one around the world. And yes, I do adore the total look in that old photo!

I am loving the soap, Caroline! I have to place a new order again soon, I keep giving them away as gifts!

Tori said...

Hmm yes very interesting thoughts. My first thoughts were, I can't believe he did this to his family, but didn't realize that, hey, this is going on between so many people. How crazy it is to judge him. You're right, maybe there is still a glimmer of morality within our society. Thanks for your insights, I love your blog!

Sister Susie said...

Thank you for your testimony of what our God and LORD expects of His redeemed. It goes back to your recent blog on Christ's Return. The Bible tells us the morality just before His Return will be worse than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Mankind doesn't realize how quickly this life flees compared to the infinity of Eternity. These "70" years will be as they never were when compared to Eternity. How important it is to share the Salvation message to get as many as we can to make the decision for our LORD. So, they too may one day enter into what our Holy Awesome Almighty Creator Savior God has say, "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it enter the heart of man what He has prepared for us!"
The LORD bless you greatly,

BECKY said...

Hi Bon Bon! I have really missed visiting you gal! My computer has been being heavily used by hubby for work at the same time I am free to get on it and visit, doesn't happen! But please know that I DO miss YOU!!

These folks are definitely talking out of both sides of their mouths!
BUT...they have been doing that for a LONG time. I am not surprised any more by their antics, and just PRAY HARD!!!

Bon, you are a lovely blessing to me, sweetie. Love it when you speak frankly, and just love your writing style! But most of all I love your heart, and I smile whenever I think about you!

So glad we're friends!
Have a joyful Thursday!!
Love you,

Bonnie said...

Laura said, "Ironic yes- and disturbing! I agree wholeheartedly and want to keep hoping that America will stay good. Because I know that America (or any nation for that matter) is only as strong as the strength of its families.

Love ya!