Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Way We Were~Way Back Then

These are a few pictures I ran across yesterday and I think haven't been viewed by human eyes in a very long time. I have a feeling our kids have not ever seen them actually. They depict the first few hours of our married life together back in 1968. And I added one of my bridal shower at the end just for fun.

This is our hot ride to our reception after the wedding.

I love this photo but could someone please photo shop the cat glasses and the goofy head dress? The ride is Jim's Grampa's 55 antique even then and the coolest car. I think it is Jim's brother, Gary, that was our driver!

The receiving line at our wedding reception
with my smokin' hot (baby) HUSBAND and my cute Mom and Dad.

Our little Volvo!
It had the shiniest black paint you ever did see and hubcaps full of rocks thanks to our clever brothers. We stopped here in Lafayette to remove them before going to a late dinner in a romantic, little restaurant called Petar's. The restaurant still exists in Lafayette but has moved to a new location.

This is a picture of the first dinner (spaghetti and salad) that I cooked for Jim in our first San Francisco apartment when we first got married. Lots of firsts! It shows our wedding china and flowers still left over from our wedding and our hot chrome and Formica kitchen set that someone gave us with the vinyl tablecloth which was the latest and coolest tablecloth you could get! No ironing~just wipe it off! Cool ( not). We left the next day for our honeymoon at Lake Tahoe.

This is my bridal shower at my friend, Judy's, house. She was my maid of honor and best friend since 7th grade. Last year we attended the wedding of one of her daughters. Ah, the circle of life with good friends!

Check out my orange, wool, 2 piece dress with the fancy floral trim that I made (don't faint, K?) and the lovely hair....a hairpiece called a 'postiege' that was individually woven to match your hair exactly. It was essentially a long hair swatch like a horse's tail that you would loosely braid and set atop your head ala Barbra Streisand. Everyone saved their $25.00 for months and had one and they were quite fun and easy to 'do!'

The biggest advantage was you didn't have to sleep on those hard, uncomfortable rollers! I got my first hair dryer a few weeks after the wedding for my 21st birthday. Pure heaven even if you did have to get up at 3:00 am to shampoo and set your hair and then dry it under a big plastic cap attached to the hose of the dryer.

Yep, now that is VINTAGE, no?

But I digress...don't you love the yarn touch around the fancy braided bun? Such a fashionista, seriously! But the glasses...the cat glasses are the bane of my existence when I see any photos from this time period! And black... geesh, no blending here!

C'est la vie! As my friend Michelle would say, "It is what it is, Bonnie!" No do-overs.


Sister Susie said...

1968! I remember that year! I was a sophomore in high school working at a 10 cent store after school. I remember those "hair machines!" I had one that had the rollers in a steam bath. I didn't use it for very long, ha. I also had a pair of those "cat glasses!" Guess what, it was also the year of 1968 when I had them! I'll have to find the picture and put it on my blog!
Thanks for the memories we can find in our past.
Hugs from,

Connie said...

You are still just as beautiful today as you were back then....not to mention the clone of you that is your Laura! :) So fun to see the pictures--you were a fashionista event then! ♥

LA Adams said...

Absolutely darling! I love all the photos. It is what it is, great advise!

BECKY said...

What fun to take a trip down memory lane with you Bon!! And what a beauty you were and still are!! It is ALL GOOD!! (as my hubby says!)

Love that you made your dress! My Mom made most of my clothes through Junior HIgh!! So chic!

Have a joyful week!
Love you,

Shaun at Oak Den said...

haha! I LOVE those pictures!! What a crack up! There is something so good about the 60's, even though it was a time of turmoil in so many ways. It was kind of the end of the innocence, or some such thing. In 1968 our family moved to Guam with the Air force. We lived there for 2 years and talk about an innocent life. wow. I started 7th grade then and was all agog with the grown up girls like you with their cat-eye glasses and hairpieces and all things groovy. When I see your pictures I think about how much fun you must have been having at the age you were at that time! Good, good times!! I love it!