Sunday, March 21, 2010


In case you missed this in the past couple of weeks, this is one reason why we wholeheartedly endorse God's Plan! This article has been investigated on Snopes and found to be for real. Changing definitions can open a big can of worms! Keep it simple~follow the plan.


Yes, you read that right!

Lee Jin-gyu
married (click on the link for more details) his pillow adorned with an image of Fate Testarossa, an anime character.He organized a special ceremony complete with a local priest and a wedding dress for the pillow. The local media also covered the story. A friend of his says:

"He is completely obsessed with this pillow and takes it everywhere. They go out to the park or the funfair where it will go on all the rides with him. Then when he goes out to eat he takes it with him and it gets its own seat and its own meal."

If you think this is an isolated nut case type "man marries pillow" into your Google Search. Just thought you'd wanna know! B


BECKY said...

This is just bizarre!! Who does this kind of stuff anyway??!! Glad we have the truth!!
Love and hugs!!

Marie said...

What is the world coming to. How very strange. Like Becky, I am glad that we have the truth in our lives! xxoo

Caroline Craven said...

Not only is it bizarre that a man would marry his pillow (sad comment on the man's social/reasoning skills and intelligence) but also the priest who performed the "marriage". Where do these people come from?

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh My Heavens.........
but it is only so true, if we deviate from God's plan for marriage there will be people wanting to marry their brothers,sisters, daughters or sons or
marrying animals or whatever obsession they have. So how do you put a stop to the craziness!

I like God's plan and I am sticking to it!!
Thanks for sharing that, cause that is a real present reality
Have a great day hon.
Love ya, Nellie

Who in their right mind would do a marriage ceremony like that, course, point is "right mind"!! Sad!! Very Sad!!
But for the grace of God, go I!!

Sara said...

Wow! and not a good wow either! Scary what goes on in this world! I wonder if his family/friends ever tried to get him help?