Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Enjoying 20 Little Things About Spring

1. More Daylight and sunshine

2. Blue skies and warmer days

3. Tulips and Daffodils

4. Being healthier

5. Walking outside

6. Listening to the singing birds

7. Enjoying the green hills

8. Wild flowers in bloom

9. Fresh air in the house

10. Planting some flowers

11. Celebrating Easter

12. Photographing Spring

13. Getting more home projects done

14. Hopefully seeing the housing market pick up

15. Making Summer Plans

16. Clean new windows

17. A Freshly painted house now a bright glossy
white with black shutters and doors.

18. Hearing children playing outside

19. Decluttering and Spring Cleaning

20. Watching the apricot trees pop their blossoms!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon,
It all sounds delightful to me.

so hope come your grandson didn't get his cast yet?? Did they have to do surgery or wait for swelling to go down? I have never heard of waiting to cast a break?? May Italians do it differently.

Thanks for being happy with us about Megan coming to church with Scott, we are so thrilled, and we just think she is precious, and she fits right in with the family.

For my birthday we are going to church and then the kids and Jim's
sister are coming over and they are making me din din. So looking forward to that. Jim is taking off on Monday so we can go to a place called Old Town Pottery that we love, it is much like the place you love in Utah with all the goodies, and fairly near there
is a whole foods market that I have been wanting to go to as well
so hopefully we will get to do both and then go out to dinner.

Last night he brought me this huge
hot pink and yellow colored hydrangea. It is gorgeous! An early birthday present cause he knows how much I love them, and have been trying to get some to grow. We decided this time we
were gonna put it in a pot rather
than the ground, but will keep
it inside and enjoy it for a bit.

I think I have found an answer to
my paint dilemma (don't think that is spelled right but don't have time to look it up. Anyway, I think if I can find a shower curtain with both shades of blue,
that could work. So I presently have 6 showers curtain. I have ruled out 4 but don't have time to
fool with it today, cause I am putting away all my stuff from redecorating and trying to get the
house cleaned up cause we are counseling a couple tonight.
They are fairly young married about 9 yrs, so pray for us that
the Lord will use us to be able to help them. She knows the Lord but we don't think he does. We haven't dealt with that situation before, so pray for wisdom for us.
Thanks, gotta run,
Love ya, Nellie
Nice to have you visiting again.
Thanks for your sweet comments.

BECKY said...

Hi Bon! I love spring...especially late spring when it really warms up know BEACH WEATHER!! Tomorrow will hit 80!! WOOHOO!! Lord, bring on the balmy breezes, toes in the sand...waves hitting the shore!! Can't wait! We may go next week!!

Hope all is well with you, sweetie!
I have been very busy, and am still behind!! May take a bloggy break for about 10 days...not sure.
Love ya,
Have a Happy Thursday!!