Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Remembering The Reason

Easter Peeps

Easter really sneaked up on us this year, didn't it? It is almost here! I hope you have some fun things planned with your families, kids and grandkids. Are you decorating eggs? Having an Easter Egg Hunt? Making Hot Cross Buns? Having a Fun Brunch? Wearing an Easter Bonnet? Remember when Spring Break used to be called Easter Vacation? Hmmm...

All of these things are so much fun as long as we remember they are not the real reason for celebrating Easter. They do, however, symbolize the newness of life and the new beginnings of the atonement! The resurrection of the Savior is the reason for this season! This is something of such magnitude, it is to be and is celebrated daily. This is the Good News of the Gospel in our lives.

Enjoy the season, remember the reason!

This painting was done by Simon Dewey!


mandy* said...

It's hard not to get caught up in all of the Spring time/candy/stuffed bunnies excitement. I printed out a nursery activity for Cohen so we can talk about the resurrection on Sunday. (As well as eat loads of candy - hee hee!)

LA Adams said...

I want Rachel to have one more last Easter Egg hunt and Michael is the only one left to go out with her. Last year was such a battle to get the older boys to even work up any enthusiasm, so I listened to a friend and this year I bought really nice chocolate (not as many eggs) and one egg will have a $20 in it.