Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Going to Church According To Julia

Notice the little thought bubble coming out of my head is a picture of Grampa!


Caroline Craven said...

Cute picture of you guys going to church! Which Tai*Pan do you girls shop? I stopped at the one in Ogden on my way home Wednesday and was somewhat disappointed, as I have been the last few times I've stopped there. I need to go to the one you are visiting b/c I never have the joyous experience you are having!

Bonnie said...

Hi Caroline! The Tai*Pan we love is at 90th South out of SLC. Go west off the freeway~you cannot miss it. They have a smaller one in the mall here...no comparison. Loved seeing you the other day. You both look wonderful! No surprises though!

LA Adams said...

From the minds of the young - very appropriate!