Saturday, March 13, 2010

No Excuses!

I know I have said it before but there is no place like Utah for shopping. There is absolutely no excuse for not have a charming home here. There is shopping for the home everywhere and the prices are dirt cheap! Today we went to Tai*Pan. Lowell took the big girls skiing this morning so we bundled up the little munchkins as we realized we hadn't been there since last fall. Here are some photos from our last trip there since I didn't take photos today.

The store is immense and has so many lovely things.

photos from their website

The minds behind this store are nothing short of brilliant. They appeal to every style, life style, socio-economic strata, creativity, economics, and the love of beauty that most women possess. This store is all about nesting on a budget. Their inventory is gianormous and there is something for every pocketbook. There are elaborate things running quite high but most things are, down right cheap. They have every conceivable type of anything you could ever want for the holidays and to accessorize your home. And then they added their insurance, nice little niches decorated and filled with delectable, edible goodies. And then, did I mention the jewelry, handbags, scarves, etc? One stop shopping for all your guilty pleasures and treasures.

Right now of course it is all about spring time and gardens and lots of fun things for Easter. If you enjoy this sort of thing this place is like Nirvana! I know I sure do and the girls enjoy it too. Jen bought a great ring (classic with a twist) and I got a few things too.

A little box for some tiny plants or something fun.

A little Bling is my thing!

One thing I bought was a set of four square chargers with a pewter finish. They are so awesome and the cost, just so you'll know I am not kidding about the prices...$2.95 each. I bought just four and I want to use them for everyday dining and forget about the upkeep of placemats for awhile.

Tonight we are all going out the dinner sans babies and should be nice and quiet and enjoyable. The only thing missing....Jim, Dad, Grampa. And of course Laura and Robert.

And my girl is wearing her new ring.
No one can say she doesn't have pzazz.
She is a whimsical kind of gal, my favorite!

(Lowell agreed to come along and hold her hand
if he can wrap his around it!)


Barbara said...

Love the pics of that great store. Jen's ring is AWESOME!!!!!
Miss you, Bon. Hope all is well.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

oh yea, liked you lil basket you got, that is really cute.
bye now,

blessings sweet girl!!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
Looks like you had a FUN day girl!
I would love to see this place, it looks awesome. Jenn ring is quite the ring I have to say. really pretty, I love pearls. How did lowell and the hand holding go???lol
Hope you guys had a lovely dinner out, bet you are missing hubby!
Too bad he couldn't come...and bet he is missing you as well.
Love that red chaise lounge too,
how pretty!
We actually got a lil painting done on the bathroom. We had areas that needed sanding on the walls and then has to be sprayed with that orange peel stuff, well, wouldn't you know Jim got it out to spray and it had lost all it's
air in the can and wouldn't spray,
so we didn't get that done, but he did get the area sanded that needed it and I started priming the woodwork, one coat on the woodwork looks like shabby chic, or I would call it more shabby!!lol
Chic to me is freshly painted pretty shiny woodwork!!
Oh well, we are one step closer...
patience patience!! lol
Gotta get more orange peel paint and some regular white paint, I was thinking we could maybe use the primer to do it, but it is just not thick enough or it will need 5 or 6 coats. Maybe sometime this week we can have another painting session. I am hoping this week is uneventful and we can cause the next weekend we will be celebrating my birthday then the next weekend will be Easter, so
I can pretty much kiss those weekend goodbye as for painting anyway! lol
Well, better try to go back to bed, I got up to eat a banana cause I was feeling nauseous for some reason.
Have a fun week missy!!
Love ya, Nellie

Marie said...

wow, that is some serious bling there Bonnie! Love it. I wish we had stores like that over here. It looks a wonderful place to shop!

Nancy said...

Okay, now I'm feeling guilty that I walk by that store, my heart starts racing, I think about entering, I can even smell the store before entering and then I get overwhelmed and keep on walking! For the design-challenged, like me, an interpreter is needed. This is what makes designers like you different and special and talented!

Sister Susie said...

What beautiful things!!!!!! WOW! It must take alot of time to keep it so gorgeous! With my three dogs, cat, and three birds, I am constantly needing to dust. (You got that word, needing to, ha!)
Beautiful, beautiful!
Blessings to you,

Bonnie said...

Laura wrote:

Mom, I just had a chance to read your last few posts and LOVED every one. I loved no excuses- I am going to use that on Robert next time we move. I am already worried that our things won't work right in the new house but such is life in the military I suppose. I loved all of the pictures of the kids too- they have grown up so much. It is amazing. I see the great life that they all have together and it makes me very sad that we are not a part of it. Again, I suppose that is just life in the military, huh? (sigh) The pictures of Jen and I are so fun. They were actually taken in Pisa- that was so much fun. It feels like ages ago! I really loved the photos of you and dad- wow! It is so fun to see the way you were. Your first dinner setting was IMPRESSIVE. Mom, you are so talented. Honestly.

Well, that is all for now. I am glad you are having fun. Talk with you soon.