Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Utah's Enrichment For Kids

If all our grandkids cannot have the enriching experience of living in Italy, I am so happy that eight of them live here in Utah. They really do focus on the enrichment of children here. Honestly, I have only been here two weeks and I cannot even count how many activities I have attended or that have gone on while I have been here. Some of them I have written about and Julia noticed I had missed reporting on her trip to SLC and the State Capitol and the Pioneer Museum and the Beehive House. She loved this field trip last week and her favorite part was her Daddy went along as a helper for the teacher. Piper went with her class to these same places just the day before. Here are a few of Jewel's pictures.

The Lion, Julia and her friend Maddie.

The Beehive House

Julia and Maddie on the first step of the Pioneer Museum