Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Happenings

A poster Piper made about her life was placed
on the front door to welcome her guests.

Yesterday was a good day. Chloe got registered for kindergarten! I had a great time having lunch with Chris on campus, and Piper had her birthday party, and Julia got to go over to have a fun evening with Aynslee, Connor, Zach and Owen!

Here are some highlights from Piper's party...

She is so happy to be eleven!

Some of Piper's favorite things.

Fancy cupcakes. Jen and Piper melted
chocolate chips and made the toppers!

The Girls telling funny stories and eating
gummy bears and orange slices!

Jen taught the girls how to make paper flowers
into hair decor!

Blowing out her candles

Wrapping things up at 9:30 PM

So one more day of fun with the kids and then I am going home! We are having a pizza party and another birthday party for Uncle Chris and Piper with the family today. And then I am flying home to be with Grampa~seems I haven't seen him in ages.


Caroline Craven said...

Looks like Piper had a great birthday. I bet you and Jim are getting so ready to see each other. I loved the birthday cupcakes and the paper flowers. Jen is so stinking crafty. What a great mom to go to all that work.

Marie said...

Looks like a fantastic birthday!! HappY Birthday Piper!! (love that name, how unique and original!)