Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Royal Carriage

Her highness, Princess Hazie Jo, has been fitted and equipped with her first royal carriage. It is sparkly purple and may well be the smallest wheelchair on the planet. You can get a perspective on the scale of the chair by looking at the tech's knee in the photo.

The Wheelchair

When you see a tiny girl

That cannot walk at all,

Do you wonder what life will hold?

Or how her blessings will unfold?

She won’t be going dancing,

Or climbing up the stairs…

Do you think about what life would be,

Spending most of it in chairs?

Do you wonder when the time is right,

What she will be told?

Do you wonder how she will cope

While she’s growing old?

Do you think about her parents

And what they have to do?

Do you pass them by

With a prayer of thanks,

Because it isn’t you?

Do you think about the other kids

And how they learn to cope

With the thought their beloved sister

Will never jump a rope?

Perhaps you have forgotten

All that she’s been given

In her arms she carried gifts

All the way from heaven.

This little one with tender kisses

That melt a heart of stone~

Those little arms around your neck...

Hugs like you’ve never known.

She’s smart and pretty and oh, so fun

So what ~ if she can never run!

Each little thing that comes along

She'll quickly learn just how it's done.

There are million things for us to do

And she will do her share...

She’ll figure out a way to dance

While sitting in her chair.

Though her legs don’t work so well

Her arms are very strong

And with this little tiny chair

She'll learn to get along.

When something big is taken

Something great is given~

This little chair’s a Godsend

Not foe ~ but welcomed, tiny friend.

When the rest of us get old and frail

And our legs have given way

She’ll get herself another chair

And travel on her way!

For many have not been so blessed

To have a little chair

Through the ages they’ve been held

And carried everywhere.

A wheelchair's not so very confining

It’s time to do some redefining.

A wheelchair is like taking wing

Now she can do everything!

If we could wish upon a star

We wouldn’t change the way you are.

You were sent from heaven above

And fill each life with light and love.

So there you have it, Hazie Jo

With this chair you’re free to go!

Stay a happy little girl……

Now go on out and change the world!


With Love, Gramma

On Your Special Day



The Hopkins said...

Beautiful Bon! This will be a treasure for years, even generations to come! You are the best grandma example I know (not to mention every other wonderful quality).

Caroline Craven said...

That poem is amazing, I love it. You have such a gift. And that little wheelchair is to die for! I read Vienna Prelude a long time ago, years before we moved from CA and I really enjoyed that series and one other by the same author, but I can't remember the name of it.

Sally said...

Wow! That is an amazing poem! Hazel is absolutely adorable! She's a lucky little girl.

I'm sorry I missed seeing you and Jen at the hospital. I didn't bring my phone in the NICU and Zoey was having a hard time. :(

Marie said...

There'll be no stopping her now Bonnie!! She will be a force to be reckoned with! Love her sweet purple chair. And I LOVE LOVED your poem! You are sooooo talented!! xxoo

margaret said...

Independence is the really important thing here and by the look of the video above she's on her way.

Deanna and Christian said...

Hazel is such a beauty. I am so happy she is free to move around! lol! She really is such a special little spirit, and SO lucky to have a grandma like you!! Awesome post. LOVED IT!

Dorothy said...

My eyes are watery after seeing the video and reading your poem. Such a beautiful little child with such a talented Gramma!

Deanna said...

Oh Bonnie..Marshall and I read your poem and we rejoiced that Hazel has her little chair. You made us teary eyed but you know what?..nothing will keep Miss Hazie from exploring all that life has to offer her. She has the best gramma ever!

Much love,
Deanna :D