Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Invitation to Enjoy The Creation

I know I just posted flowers this morning but on Sunday we had a this amazing lesson on The Creation at church. I was lucky enough to have the same lesson in Utah last week but each teacher approached it very differently. I love that, getting two perspectives was great. The earth is just so beautiful, the Lord has richly blessed us with these things that are priceless for all to enjoy.

My friend, Sue, mentioned in the class this past Sunday what a beautiful array of wild flowers can be seen near the new Lowe's in our town. I had to head over that direction today so I thought I'd take my camera and get some photos. Oh my goodness, it was breathtaking. Here are a few of the shots.

If you live nearby don't miss this!

Our town is nestled in a little valley and to get to the freeway you go up on the ridge of it. Up there the panoramic view of the surrounding hills was so lush and green it made my heart sing for the spring I have been longing for for weeks. Of course you can't really stop or take photos at freeway speeds but I did get this little shot while stopped at a light. It is not a great photo but I just wanted you to see the greenness! Pretty, huh? Thanks, Sue, for sending me on this adventure. It made the grocery shopping a lot more fun! :-)


Marie said...

How very beautiful Bonnie! What a wonderful riot of colour. I don't know how anyone could possibly think this all happened by accident. We had the same lesson on Sunday as well. I Love that about our church. It is the same no matter where you go. Lots of love coming your way! xxoo

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Bonnie. Mom mentioned Sue's comments during the lesson and got Alex to drive her out there on Monday. She got some great pictures. Too bad I don't blog anymore......