Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making Up With Julia~Reprise

Have you ever thought about how weird it really is to put on make-up every day? I have.

I have found it quite interesting that the trends keep changing and just knowing how to do eye make-up requires a booklet once a year, if you want to be in the know. But for me, that is not so important. One thing I learned a while ago is that brown eye shadow works best for me even though I am fair and have blue eyes. I am sure some experts must be gasping right now. Sorry I just can't do the colors.

I also discovered (last woman on the planet to do so, no doubt) something called "bronzer" not too terribly long ago and I love it. It give you a bit of sunshine on your face and for a pale person like me, this helps. Applying it on the apples of your cheeks and a slight dab on the forehead nose and chin makes you look a little more colorful and healthy.

Now when I discovered that as you age your lips actually get wrinkled I was aghast. Never in my life did I suppose such a thing. I found that if you use a lip liner which is drier than a moisturizing lipstick, it acts like a little dam and keeps the oily part of the lipstick in the right place. It kind of reminds me of the way ants will not cross over a line of flour sprinkled on the floor.

So all this is leading up to this adorable self-portrait that Julia did for her art project in her third grade class for the Art Show. Whenever we have visited their house since she was tiny, little Julia has been at my elbow observing the making up ritual of her Gramma. She always wants me to put some on her too.

I have loved this time with her and enjoyed her 'girliness' to the maximum. I really had a wonderful laugh and sweet feelings when I saw her portrait. I was not laughing at the wonderful job that she has done on this art project but it just tickled me that she was 'silent notes taking' in those precious little Gramma and Julia moments we have shared. Here is the portrait:

Isn't she beautiful? Love the new glasses!
Check the bronzer, the liner...the brown eye shadow...
the subtlety...

This beautiful little girl doesn't need any make-up at all.
I love her with all my heart!
She is my Sparkly Jewel!


Caroline Craven said...

I laughed through this blog, I can totally relate to many of your thoughts. I hate wearing makeup, but do so for the benefit of others. Although I hardly wear any at all and most of my makeup will fit in a coin purse, I am unrecognizable without it. Julia truly is gorgeous and needs nothing but that big, beautiful smile to complete her look. Children are so beautiful and most of the time don't even realize it.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
Love that portrait of Julie, she is adorable. Yep, she was paying attention to that beauty regimen.
How cute!!
So sorry to hear Hazie is not doing as well as you hoped. Know Jen must be so happy to have you for a Mom.
That is so nice you can go and be with her and help her. Too bad Jim can't go too. I did not know that Jim was a teacher, I read it on Susans blog. How Neat!!
What age does he teach??
That was a fun post, enjoyed it.
I am trying to connect to Between naps on the porch to do tablescape
thursday, but Jim is having trouble with his computer everytime I download pics, so got my post finished but can't get connected up yet. I will do my
Thankful Thursday post later today.
Have a good trip hon, and look forward to hearing from you.
Love ya, Nellie

Dorothy said...

OH Bonnie, today's post hit close to home. I will never answer the door without my eyebrows on. I don't even come out of my room until my face is on just because I am all one color otherwise. I don't know about that bronzer though for a senior citizen! I wonder if that would help or would I look like a clown? Hmmmmm

One of the blessings of old age is that you don't worry so much about what is "in" and what isn't---just so my eyebrows are on :) ---

Your Julia has that awesome Bonnie and Jim smile! She is very lovely.

In one of the posts, it makes reference to your Hazie. I am so sorry things are not going well for her. I send prayers to her and all of you.

BECKY said...

I am a true minimalist when it comes to makeup! Just the very basics assuring color in my cheeks, lips and a little liner for accent! So much of what is in it is awful for us! I use only mineral makeup now, and Burt's Bees for a touch of color and lip shine. Now if I could only get back to being as good with what goes in my mouth!!! I'm getting step at a time!

Love the self portrait! She reminds me very much of a friends 15 yo daughter. If I can get a hold of a photo I'll show you!!

Sweet story Bon. Hopefully she will only accent her natural beauty with makeup, too...just like Gramma!!

Love and hugs!

Sister Susie said...

Your Sparkly Jewel is definitely one of beauty! I don't have any children of my own, but the LORD has blessed me to be the part of over 1,000 in my teaching career! I do claim Nellie's beautiful son and daughter since I am their aunt! I know what you are talking about concerning your comment on my blog. I have taught for 33 years and am definitely ready to retire. However, after speaking with my assistant principal today at my evaluation, he surely made me feel that I am worth what I do. Sometimes you feel you aren't appreciated until you have an administrator reassure you with such positive comments. All my best to you and yours.
Hugs for Sparkly Jewel,

Connie said...

Oh what a precious post! And that portrait is just toooooo darling for words! What a great reminder that children are indeed "silent notes taking" ways that we can never even imagine. By the way, I put bronzer ALL over my face because that is exactly where I need it. :) And Caroline made me laugh out loud when she said she wears makeup for the benefit of others. That is so true, isn't it? :) Thanks for the sweet post and our prayers are going with you, too.....