Monday, March 22, 2010

Kazam! With 10...Never a Dull Moment!

Hi Grandma and Grandpa,
Guess what happened yesterday at recess? I was on some Italian- like monkey bars with circle steps that lead to a jungle gym. I like to go from the 2nd step and jump onto the monkey bars and I did it. But after I was hanging my friend Jude said, "awww" because he was about to go. And I said, "I can get down". I was swinging a bit and as you know the steps where right below the monkey bars. And when I was facing right I let go and... KAZAM. And guess what? I ... I ... guess- can you? No you can not, so I will just tell you. I broke my arm. And just to let you know that this e-mail got to you late this happened on St. Patrick's Day 2010. And that is why they gave me a GREEN sling. Tell everyone!

Love, Ross

Laura writes, "Ross broke his arm today- it was very sad. According to the doctors he has a double forearm fracture. Which means that both his radius and ulna are broken. In addition to the fractures there was buckling and compression with the wrist bones- poor kid. Anyway, this is a picture of Spencer reading to Ross in the ER while we waited to be sent to Orthopedics- what a good brother!"


Caroline Craven said...

Even though having a cast is somewhat cool, Ross does NOT look excited! That bruise on his eye, however, is worth bragging about. Sorry to hear of his pain, and Laura's too.

margaret said...

Ohhhhh... prayers ascending.

He seems in incredibly good spirits, the resilience of childhood is so amazing.

Shelli said...

Breaking your arm in Italy ... not good. Hope they have American medics. :)

margaret said...

Donno, Shelli :) I've been sick in the US, the UK and Italy and Italy was the best of the three. No-one asked how much money I had and I wasn't left on a trolley for three hours. I had a doctor who sang like Dean Martin and a nun-nurse who told me stories of Padre Pio and when I asked where I should pay they said there was a cafe down the street and I should go there and have a gelato instead.

Jen said...

So sorry Ross!! Those monkey bars are not good. My son, Parker broke both his bones too on the monkey bars. Get better soon and enjoy your green sling!

Melanie said...

Oh, I hope he gets to feeling better soon. Cute picture of big brother reading to him.