Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Happenings~

Hazie Girl!
Photo by Julia Mae

I am happy to report that after spending all of Saturday afternoon and Sunday with Hazie and the rest of the family~she seems to be doing a little better each day. Jen and Lowell are just remarkable is all I can say. They do have their hands full but they have more than risen to the occasion. They are so blessed to have the two big girls they do that help them so much. And Chloe is getting bigger and more mature all the time and so is Hazel. They are progressing into better times and it is evident when you haven't seen them for a few months that the changes are good ones. All that aside, it is great to just have some mother/daughter time with Jen. She works so hard and I just want her to rest a little. She got that work 'til you drop gene from "you know who!" It is such an admiral quality but....needs supervision sometimes. :-)

Sunday we all went to church except Jen and Hazie. It is fun to go to a different ward but the meetings always seem so long when I don't have something I am responsible for during those hours. Thoughts of leaving my responsibilities in RS at home for someone else to do was a bummer. But I know they managed just fine. Family always has to come first. It is nice to work among women that believe and support that, no questions asked.

I am noticing how much more grown-up Piper is every time I get to see her. She is really enjoying her church activities more than ever and I love the new scripture journal she and her friends got to make in their activity days group. Here she is holding it and she has written lots in it too. She and I had fun reading over and discussing her favorite passages and reading her thoughts about them. I cannot express how this makes a grandmother's heart feel so joyful.

Miss Julia is pictured here right before church. She also is eager to go and learn more about the Savior and the things that will guide her life in a positive way. More joy!

I actually haven't taken any photos of Chloe and Hazie yet and they are both feeling a little under the weather today so here are a couple of the ones I snagged from their parents iPhotos. Which incidentally, is one of my favorite things to do here.

Chloe Jane~Chocolate anyone?

New's Year's Eve Party for the Lovelies of Jen and Lowell!


Connie said...

Darling, darling, darling! Love to all of you! ♥

Sister Susie said...

What beautiful girls! They seem to grown up so quickly these days. I am so happy to see them so involved in the Christian activities! Thank the LORD their parents are leading them in the Word of God. I know you are very proud of them!
Blessings to you all,

Jim said...

Great pics...but where a the Mom and Dad. You know Jen and what's his name...the BIG guy ;) traveling buddy. I love ya Lowell!! Great snow pictures by the way.

LA Adams said...

Such fun to be a grandma! I have to admit I'm glad you are in Utah and I'm enjoying Spring here. We did get a little rain, rainbows, COLD wind, but the gleaming grass, sidewalks, and reflecting roads were all worth it!