Friday, August 8, 2008

The Apple Store~No More!

The Mac of Our Dreams

Jim and I have been trying to find an hour to go to get our new computer for a long time. Lowell has finally converted us to the Apple religion, along with Chris and Steve. Last night it finally happened. We went to the Apple Store with the greatest of expectations. I had heard so much about the Apple Store. In my mind's eye I saw this great place, modern, savvy, well-appointed; teaming with gorgeous guys per the articles I have read that it is the best place to meet single men...Can you say, "Big, white, boring box store?" So disappointing. Not one ounce of ambiance!

We were greeted at the door by the "concierge" of the store. We were asked if we had an appointment....ahhhh no! Whoops! She assured us we would be helped by an iMac specialist shortly. Since the store was jam packed with customers we asked how long approximately. Well, she didn't have a clue as it was her first day. She said she would get us someone as soon as possible.

OK, so we waited, and waited...the girl was nowhere to be found. I guess she either quit, left for the day, or something...who knows? We found another concierge and finally got some help. While waiting we tried out the demo models, etc. And by the way, I checked out the "best place to meet single guys notion. Ahhhh, no! Not even close. It was full of teens trying to convince Daddy that he should get them a new toy for 2 grand. You could also find some regular geeks! Not one "eligible" in sight, but I digress.

If either of these guys are belonging to you...sorry!

Flickr photos of self-acclaimed geeks!

We finally get our specialist and she goes over all the important stuff with us. We are ready to sign on the dotted line and she says, "Well I need proof that you are a teacher, sir." I guess she suspected Jim may have borrowed someone else's work shirt for the shopping spree. Long story short, she needed documentation and that meant we would have to go back home, get a pay stub or something and come back today. I was willing to do that but no, it had to be Jim with his driver's license, and no I could not come back and see her tomorrow with the paperwork and a copy of his license because she is off and as she so aptly pointed out..I am not Jim. No kidding! I assured her that he does indeed share his paycheck with me, but that was not good enough. Well, we don't like trying that hard to get someone to take our hard earned money, so we left.

We went home and ordered the iMac online in about 10 minutes with the sweetest nicest, sales woman, ever. She said, "Oh so you are a teacher?" Well then what is the zip code of your school? OK fine, no problem." What, no finger prints? Wow! Then as a special promotional offer we got an iPodTouch (eat your heart out, Lowell) for free!!!

So my point in all of this is~ I love Internet shopping. I am so impatient with flaky retail clerks they just make me crazy sometimes. But we are very excited about our new computer and the best part is going in my office space! Yippee! The sales rep told me to expect a "space invasion" from Jim and predicted we'd have 2 Macs before long. I love the iMac, it is just way too cool for any more words.


Lowell said...

Congratulations on your new Mac, Bonnie!! I hope it works as well for you as ours has for us.

I quite like the Apple store, but I guess it may be a little different out here in SLC. The store generally has lots of people in it, but I've never seen it so crowded that I had to wait for assistance from a specialist. I'm glad you got better service online/on the phone.

Next time I come out, I'll have to get you set up with a few "best of" programs on the Mac.

Miss Jen said...

Ahhhhhh...Welcome to the Apple family. Paul joined the family this week too. It's good to be here!