Monday, August 18, 2008

GPS For Life

Why is it so hard to start a new habit and keep at it?
I think I need a GPS for life.

Something that just attaches to my shoulder would be nice. And it would talk me through my day with constant reminders to do this, don't do that, etc. I would like it if I could choose the voice Id most like to listen to, like a nice Scottish accent or something and then it could play soft music in between the lovely suggestions. It wouldn't nag me, or harp on my weaknesses, it would just gently and hypnotically persuade me to keep going in the right direction all the time. If I got off the course it would offer immediate course corrections to help me. Rather than having a big rectangular thing perched on my shoulder, I'd like something streamlined and pretty...Maybe something tiny and sparkley to attach to the shirt I am wearing or maybe even a Silpada creation for the earring collection. And the most important thing of all it would not come with a 50 page owner's manual written by an electronics geek. A simple on and off switch would work for me.


Laura said...

I need one too! Someone could make a lot of money..........

Miss Jen said...

I need this too, I think it's called a wife!