Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Can I just say, I loved yesterday? We worked on the beautiful home that I told you about a few day ago and did some redesigning. This is the best redesign project we have ever had as everything was already so lovely and the furnishings were absolutely gorgeous. I just wanted to share some of the photos.

People often ask me how I can work with the various types of furnishing if they are not "my style." Well, my style came about of necessity, aka lack of money, when first it all began. Also the cottage style of our home is a big consideration. I like all different kinds of interior designs not just the one I live with each day.

The home featured here is very formal, very fancy, opulent, luxurious, and basically like visiting a spa labeled "eye candy." It is rejuvenating just being in the home. It could be a little bungalow at Hearst Castle, a part of The Dunmuir House, a fabulous movie set, or a Victorian vacation spot. Although I don't live in a house like this~I wouldn't mind the opportunity to 'give it a go' as they say in the UK!

One thing about the is definitely not a manly type house and I cannot envision a bunch of kids living here either. This is a lady's paradise, however. So enjoy the view. Daydream of a couple of days here and the rejuvenating experience you would have. You can bring three friends if you all want your own room. Wanna play this game with me?

If you enjoy this house it is worth the time to double click
on the photos for an enlarged view of the details.

The Entryway
Come On In!

The Parlor is just off the entry. It has another
little red settee as well just opposite this one.
It has a beautiful grandfather clock, a glass display cabinet,
bronze statuary and stylish lamps. It also has multi-paned
glass doors that are really fun and the artwork is amazing.

Living Room ~ before photo

This is the living room now. We brought in the
red to tie it with the parlor and entry and to give it
the color the homeowner was seeking.

Check out some of the eye candy.

The linens and tassels are over the moon!
Maybe I should have named this post
"Tassel Castle"

Gorgeous Accessories

One of the Guest Rooms
Check the loft on all the comforters in this house.
It's hard to grasp in 2-d when it is so 3-dimensional.

The 2 pictures above are before pictures.
See how the lamps are way too
small or out of scale? They also don't match.

Now there are these two beautiful identical lamps in here.
This is my single most favorite thing we changed
that had the biggest impact. In this setting the
lamps couldn't be more prefect.

I have never been a big fan of heavy draperies or
'puddling' but in this house..oh my gosh, it looks amazing!
Double click on this to see the fabric~gorgeous and so feminine.
I can't really envision men's boots here.
Sorry, no boys allowed!

The Blue Room

Another Guest Room
Any Takers?

A Small Corner of The Family Room
And Media Center

I hope you have enjoyed your get-away. We did.
The Interiors by Design Team had a hard time returning to reality
so we stopped on the way home for an ice cream cone to soften the blow.


CA Poppy said...

You are amazing! The portrait of the cellist was absolutely perfect in that room.So did you notice the brands on the linens~please share.Love,Michelle

Bonnie said...

Most of them are custom made, Michelle. I have always admired how you know your brands...I have got to get on the ball in that department! The house is just fabulous, isn't it? The team has a hard time "coming home" afterward!

Miss Jen said...

Wow! Fancy Schmancy! I love all the little tassels she has tied on the things you're not allowed to touch or use! Cute and functional! Glad you had fun!