Monday, August 18, 2008

Intrique In Italy

"ROME (Reuters) - When in Capri, don't wander off the beach in a bikini. If you go to the sea in Eraclea, near Venice, remember that building sandcastles is forbidden. And don't even think about mowing your lawn on the weekend in Forte Dei Marmi.

Emboldened by a nationwide crackdown on crime and a government decree giving them extra law-and-order powers, Italian mayors have issued a string of often bizarre by-laws to enhance "public decorum."

Public displays of affection in a car can earn you a fine of up to 500 euros ($745) in Eboli, feeding pigeons is off-limits in the centre of Lucca while in Novara groups of more than two people are forbidden from lounging around in parks at night.

Italian newspapers have dubbed this year's holiday season "the summer of bans." But this week one town hall was forced to acknowledge things may have gone too far.

Rodrigo Piccoli, 33, called national radio to protest after he was fined 50 euros for lying down in a park in the northern city of Vicenza to read a book. The mayor has since promised to drop the ban."


Laura and Robert and the boys are off to Sardinia for a week. I hope they had a chance to glance at the news before they left. Considering the need for cracking down on crime in Italy I feel they're kinda barking up the wrong trees here. Pretty humorous, don't you think? How about making not picking up the garbage against the law? Or campfire girls on every corner? Or posting signs in public places that say, "Pick Pocketing For Life"? Truth is stranger than fiction as they say! Hey family....absolutely no sandcastle building while on the island...ya hear? And, Robert, no smoochin' on Laura in public, especially in the car! If you must make sure the coast is clear!


V and Co. said...

hey bonnie sorry it's taken me so long to answer your question about the label cloud. i actually just typed "label cloud" on google search and then it gave me step by step instructions! let me know if that helps!

Miss Jen said...

I am sooooooo jealous of their trip. I'd give my left eye for a vacation right about now!