Friday, August 15, 2008

Birthday Girl!

Birthday are good for you.
The more you have the longer you live!

Today my really good friend, Lee, is having a birthday! I just want her to know how much I love her and what a great influence and comfort she has brought to my life. I am truly celebrating her birth.

Her name should be up in lights!

We have shared many experiences together, we're the same age, we each have three kids and a bunch of gorgeous grandkids, we are married to the original twin brothers of different mothers. We go to the same church, we have worked at the City offices together and then at the oral surgeons' together for many years, we both love keeping a record of our families happenings, our hubbies rebuilt a house together, and we both have taken care of aging parents with intense personal needs. In many ways she has probably shared more life experiences with me that most people. At least one thing is for sure...we get each other pretty well after all the time spent together over the years. Thanks for putting up with me, Lee, especially during the 8 to 5 years on Parkside Drive. Lee, you have the beauty of a thirty-something year old, the wisdom of a sage, and the heart of a true saint. Happy you to pieces.

Hiding behind her gifts!

Lee is kind shy about her pictures being taken but I managed a couple from her. We went out to lunch together a few days ago. We sat right under the Fat Tuesday sign at Mimi's Cafe but we managed to be OK with that since it was Wednesday.


Lanette said...

Happy Birthday Lee!!

CA Poppy said...

Happy birthday beautiful Lee! love Michelle

mandy* said...

What a nice tribute to Lee! Happy birthday!!