Sunday, August 31, 2008

Great Flick

Recently I saw a movie and it make me think of one of the Hollywood greats ~ Michael Landon. For those of you too young to remember him he played Little Joe, the youngest son in the Cartwright Family on TV's Bonanza.

Bonanza Crew

He is most well-known for playing, Charles Ingalls, on Little House on the Prairie. He starred in and produced Little House. I loved the character he played as Laura's dad. I can remember when I was younger just loving the wholesomeness of the show and the goodness in those people. The values that were taught and reinforced were just so uplifting. When Michael Landon died young of pancreatic cancer, the world lost a great man, intent on bringing good, elevating, family entertainment into our homes.

Michael Landon , Sr.

Happily, his son, Michael Landon, Jr, has carried on in his footsteps and produces wonderful family films today. If you haven't seen all six of the Love Comes Softly series, I highly recommend it.

The movie I rented from Netflix recently that I wanted to recommend is also produced by him and is called, "Saving Sarah Cain." This movie is very moving and appropriate for all ages. I think kids 8 and up would especially enjoy it.

It seems that people really do want good, wholesome movies...I wish there were a lot more of them being produced. I am happy that the Michael Landon tradition continues on for the sake of our grandchildren, our children and us and ...of course all of you...that goes without saying!


Mark said...

I watched several of the Love Comes Softly series with my mom when it was on the Hallmark Channel. Mark always thought we were ridiculous, but then half way through each of the movies, he would plant himself on the couch and finish the movie with us.

Bonnie said...

Mandy, I cannot tell you how many movies your Uncle Jim has watched from the doorway...I hear ya sista!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Bonnie! Looking forward to working with you and seeing all of your ideas! Thanks for your comment today, I hope you'll come back and link up a post next week for Fall Nesting Week!

Thanks for the recommendation on movies, it really is hard to find decent family shows these days!


Ralphie said...

As you know, Bon, I've seen the entire series THREE TIMES (except for the latest release-only saw it once). I look forward to seeing your recommended movie, Saving Sarah Cain.

laura.elizabeth said...

I'm adding it to my netflicks list!