Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogging Peeve

Add a little sunshine to the life of your readers!

I know some of you have figured out that there is a way to remove the annoying word verification (those silly nonsensical words that you have to type in the little box to get a comment to post) from the comment section of your blog. This is set as a default in the blogger program but if you have comment moderation enabled you don't need it. This is how you get rid of this deterrent to posting a comment on your blog.

1. Go to your Dashboard
2. Click on on Settings
3. Click on Comments
4 Go To Show Word Verification and change the setting to NO
5. Scroll down and save. Done!

That is all there is to it~it is better than Tylenol for the headache those things cause for people like me that are dyslexic typers. I have had to do some of those over three times.

Just thought you'd wanna know! :-)


Lanette said...

Thanks Bonnie - I hate the word verification thing too - it's gone from my blog forever now!

Bonnie said...


mandy* said...

I don't even know if I have word verification on my comment page. I'm going to check right now.