Saturday, August 23, 2008

Second Hand Rose

By request here a few of the great finds I got at a moving sale this week that I can use for the business.

I like to use these types of florals in staging. I put them in a larger pot with moss and they look really great. It is impractical to stage with real greenery and florals as many of the houses are vacant and we do not run a plant service business...sooo we use the "everlasting" flowers and greenery.

Partner to the Above

The first picture made its way into our guest room temporarily while the one I normally have here is "in service" at one of our houses. Love the colors and that there are two of them.

This is a great rose bush for a patio room, porch, etc. It adds a lot of color and is definitely a carefree piece. And at $5.00 it won't break the bank if someone steals it off a front porch. New these are probably close to $45.00. It helps when the moving sale is being held by your sister-in-law! :-) Thanks, Gail!

Here's a fun one for a bathroom!


Ralphie said...

Wow, nice finds, Bon! You're the best shopper!