Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Games People Play

I don't know about you but I get really tired of certain household chores. I try all kinds of things to motivate myself to get things done. One thing I do once in a while is I set the timer and make myself stay in one room and try to get it done before the timer goes off. Sometimes I have to do this to get anything accomplished because I wander from room to room doing a little here and a little there and nothing is ever completely done.

Silly but it works for me when I have
a wandering restless mind!

Another thing I do is procrastinate on the things I really dislike doing. I know everyone says to do the worst things first but I just keep finding other things to keep me busy until I absolutely have to do it. That happened to me today with dusting. I really don't like dusting. It had been way too long since the last time I had done it!

The dreading of the unwelcome task is always
worse than just getting in there and doing it!

We were having a church meeting here at the house tonight so I waiting until the last possible minute ~ then I started in.

OK then,
Biting the Bullet!

I hate the feeling of this oil when it gets
on dust cloth and then my hands~but it does a good job!

As I was going through the house my mind started to wander to the places, people, and vacations that each thing reminded me of as I dusted it. Pretty soon I forgot I was dusting and I was just reminiscing about all the cool things I have done with important people in my life and it actually because nostalgic and fun to do the dusting. I dusted things given to me by my mother that once were a part of her home like her beautiful chiming clock that I inherited. Oh, how she loved this clock!

Mom's Clock
I found things I had purchased on shopping trips and fun weekend get aways with our girls, gifts from sweet friends and family, mementos of our travels, pictures in silver frames of precious babies, books that have brought me fabulous adventures, knowledge and just plain fun~ it was great. The time passed less painfully, the furniture is all clean and shiny again and it didn't kill me after all.

I received this gift from Uncle Tom one Christmas.
I had admired the cupboard he made for Aunt Jean
and then he secretly made one for me!
How lucky am I? I love it and them!
Double click to see the awesome inside!

My Crazy Pear Collection!
Dozens of them from lots of cool places!

So that is my new game when I have to dust. I have a lot of accessories in our warehouse to choose from when decorating our house but I find I like keeping the things that mean something to me near by. Sometimes I do switch things out and take them to the warehouse for awhile, but never the really special things that I love the most.

Try it you'll like it! Do you have any mind games you have to play with yourself to get that mindless, never-ending stuff done? I wonder what game I can dream up for vacuuming now?