Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mr. Ballerina

Mike, this one is especially for you! Since you enjoyed the pirate hat photo of Jim I thought I'd start your day with a chuckle with this photo!

Jim in a tutu!

The many faces of Mr. Jim. One day a magician came out to the ranch and put on a show. He asked Jim to be his helper. Before he knew what was happening James had donned a tutu and was dancing around. Fortunately, someone had a camera as this will never happen again in a million and one years! You can imagine the boys were over the top on this one! This has been hanging on Jim's magnet board in his office here at home ever since. I am hoping it will engender in him a love of dancing which he has never had!

Lookin' good though, Jimbob, a nice accessory to your uniform! It is great for that authoritative imagine you are projecting. It makes you look so tough and foreboding. Actually it is scaring a lot of us ~big time! Oh my gosh, I just noticed for the first time that guy is holding your hand! Holy Cow!



"Holy Cow" is right. Now I have the goods on Jim!

Miss Jen said...

I have seen this one...I'm not sure where but it looks familiar. I b et the boys at the ranch loved it!

Laura said...

That is hysterical. This outfit gets my vote for Halloween in October!!!!!

Jim said...

Hey...whoa there, can you say PhotoShop!!

Bonnie said..., and I don't know how to use it either!

laura.elizabeth said...

The boys got a kick out of this one. Thanks Dad for making us smile today.

Bonnie said...

Laura I bet the boys did get a kick out of seeing their grandpa in a tutu as I know they have such a fit if their little stuffed animals have even a ribbon on their necks~too femmy for their tastes!