Saturday, August 16, 2008

Funnies From Italy

A few days ago Laura posted this great piece on Rossie. I plan to have my blog printed at the end of the year and wanted this post included because it is one of my favorites and it is 100% Ross. So here you have it, by my guest blogger and daughter, Miss Laura!

Better Than a Complaint
August 2008

"Last night I tried a new recipe for dinner (it was awesome- blog worthy in every way). Robert and I and Spencer really enjoyed it BUT Ross wasn't terribly impressed. In fact, he started complaining about it. In response Robert said (our favorite thing to say when the kids complain), "Ross, if you want to make a complaint, it must be submitted in writing." After leaving the table Ross found a piece of paper and a pen and wrote the following:


1. Caisudyas!!! (quesidillas)
2. Ryfride byns!! (refried beans)
3. Wofls and Pancakes!! (waffles and pancakes)
4. Corn!

1. icecrym (ice cream)
2. fugscls (fudgesicles)

I guess he decided a list of suggestions for dinner and dessert would be better than a complaint. I swear, I love this kid- he is SO funny!"

(Ross starts first grade this month and he already gets phonics pretty well.)


Laura said...

In that last picture, he looks so much like my Ethan, it is a bit frightening. If you put them side to side, they could be twins. And they are both going to first grade. What a funny coincidence.

Bonnie said...

You are so right, Laura. We will have to get them together sometime.

Ralphie said...

That is the funniest thing I've read in a while. Ross rocks! He has always made me laugh. ~Barbara

Bonnie said...

Ross and his good humor and hilarious personality has saved the day more than once. I am dying from missing those little boys. They are the light of my life~everyone one of the ten of them makes getting out of bed a good idea each day!