Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blessings of Omission

Just Pondering The Things Of Life

You know how there are sins of commission; things that we do that are wrong like coveting, gossiping, or hurting someone, etc. And then there are the sins of omission~things we should or could do that we don't like helping others, not contributing to building God's kingdom, etc.

Well, I have been thinking this morning that there are also blessings of commission like when you pray for something and the Lord just says, " Yes, you may have that" and your prayer is answered.

Then I think there are blessings of omission too. This happens when you don't experience something terrible because you have been blessed. Unfortunately we rarely think about these blessings, nor are we even aware of them unless something terrible happens to someone else right on the same path we are on. Often we never know the protection we are offered by God everyday. The timing of just a minute or two prevented Jim from being in a head-on fatal accident on his way to work just yesterday.

I wonder if we remember to thank the Lord for the things that never happen to us but so easily could. Praying for the person today that wasn't so blessed yesterday morning. And realizing how precious life is. I have been thinking about how God's Plan is different and specific for each one of us. I am thankful for my husband and his life especially today. Love you, James!


Bonnie said...

I just read the paper and the man that died was actually helping another man that had run off the road. Some careless person came barreling along and almost hit both of them but one guy jumped out of the way. The person who died left a wife and a ten yer old girl. So sad.

Laura said...

Thank you for your inspirational thoughts----they help me through the day as I check blog updates periodically throughout my day!!! I said a special prayer thanking Heavenly Father for protecting and watching over my family. Countless times he has saved us from catastrophe and I am sure a million times I am not even aware of.

Laura said...

I would LOVE to see your finds of the day----what a fun business to be in----perfect for treasure hunting!!!