Monday, August 11, 2008

Cohen is One! Arrrgh! They Grow Up So Fast!

Cohen's Pirate Party!

The Treasure Trove!

The Grub!

Pirates Gather in the Galley!

Old Duffer Mates!
This picture alone makes blogging worth it!
Great Grampa Ed and Uncle Jim

Toddler Mates
Cousins Aron & Wilsey
Pirated from Bethy's Blog!

Belly up for the sweetie cakes, Cousin Aron!

"Hey Matey, I'll Be Piratin' This Mom & The Treasure!"

Oma Mate~Would Walk the Gang Plank for Cohen~

Little Matey Finds the Treasure With Mommy's Help!
Slightly Baffled by His New Chatty Elmo/Cookie Monster Ball

~Happy Birthday Cohen~
Wishing You 99 More!


CA Poppy said...

I love the newsprint pirate hats and it's great to see everybody - you all look terrific! love,Michelle.

laura.elizabeth said...

What a cute kid! My goodness- he is such a doll. I am glad you guys got to be there to celebrate with Mandy and Cohen.