Friday, August 29, 2008

Outside The Box

I saw these flowers on Simply Stated and thought they looked so pretty. I wouldn't have thought to put them in black and white vases and that made me ponder "thinking outside the box" when creating new possibilities for our homes.

Sometimes in decorating our spaces we become so emotionally invested in the comfort of things as they've always been, that we don't try anything new. That is one reason why another pair of eyes is often helpful.

One thing that I have learned as a professional home stager and redesigner is that change is difficult for all of us. That is why when our Interiors by Design team goes into a home to stage or redesign it, we need the home owner to be gone for the day. It is hard for them to envision the change while it is in process. Clients are strongly influenced by the emotional aspects of the changes and the preconceived notions they have carried with them for so long. It is best to go with the "big reveal" when the project is complete.

How are you when it comes to changing things? Are you open to the suggestions of others? Have you been pleasantly surprised trying different options? Poke a hole in that box you are in and peek outside. It is fun and besides, what's the worst thing that could happen? It is better to look for the possible benefits. Without will you ever know?

Try These Things To Help Get The Process Going
  • Look at your room with a critical eye. What works and what doesn't?
  • Get rid of the space fillers you don't love.
  • Get some furniture slides and start trying different furniture arrangements.
  • Make a wish list of things you'd like to add to the room as your budget allows. Rome wasn't built in a day!
  • Allow yourself a few days to get use to the new arrangement. Adapting to change takes time.
  • Enjoy! Make your home a place you and your family love to be.
  • If you need assistance call a qualified professional for help.


MCGROVER said...

Cool picture and great concept!


Miss Jen said...

Love the kid in the box. I agree that you never know how something will look until you try it. It's the same concept as trying on clothes, often the thing you thought was the best doesn't look as good as some random thing you brought in to try on.

I'm resistant to change but when it comes to my house I've learned to step aside and let you do your thing. It always looks awesome!

mandy* said...

I am resistant to change. When I find something that works, I leave it alone... It is great for somethings like my favorite pair of jeans - I'll never buy any other brand. However, for other things I think it might lead to a boring life. I need to be more open to new things.

Jim said...

I am way cool with change. I know it adds energy and excitement to my life. For example I just love it when I get seven prunes in stead of six in my lunch snack or when I wear the green polo shirt rather then the red one. I even take a different way home from work sometimes...lately I do this a lot because they are working on Marsh Creek Rd and I have ti take Hwy 4...but I like it! Mom and I are even thinking of adding a third menu item to our dinner fair of soup or chilly...maybe baked potato

Well I love you all but it is near 8:30 and bed is calling, so I best go.

Give my love to all,

Ralphie said...

Jim - I love you, but you are totally weird (in a good way, of course). And, by the way, the baked potato thing is not a change for you!
Bon - This post really made me think. I'm totally okay with change in certain things, like my haircuts, color, etc. In other things, like furniture placement and decoration, I realize I have gotten really insecure about change. During Bill's and my early marriage, I constantly changed furniture and decorations to kick things up a little. And, as you know, I used to be so good about changing with the seasons--I don't know what happened to me! I'm so looking forward to your "kicking things up a little" soon. Luv you guys!

Laura said...

Great post, love the flowers---wouldn't have thought to do that either, but it looks great. Good thoughts to keep in mind.