Saturday, August 23, 2008

Doug & Cate ~Together Forever!

Last night we had a lot of fun at Doug & Cate's Wedding celebration. We have known Doug since he was a baby and we adore this family. Lanette and Dave are among our very best friends in the world which explains why we were ready, willing and able to sit in this for two and a hours hours just to be there. We would have walked over hot coals for them!

Photos by Jim

Doug and Cate were married in the Oakland Temple in the morning and then the reception was held near her home in the south bay. They met at BYU and it is nice that they have parents living relatively close to each other. Good friends of the bride's family hosted the reception at their beautiful home and the setting was perfect. The decorations and flowers (good job, Maureen) were really pretty too. The colors selected for the bridesmaids and all the decor were a lavender and a rich eggplant which were just beautiful with the white and black that the bride and groom were wearing.

The Reception Line~Such a Great Looking Couple!
I love how the reception line symbolizes the joining of the two families.

Some of the Wedding Presents
To help them get started in their new life together.

They served a lovely buffet with a fancy dessert table
enjoyed by all ~ under the gigantic romantic gazebo
in the backyard of family friends.

Jeff, Joy & Caleb
Among the Guests

The Kellys and Barbara

Cate's sister and Maid of Honor toasted the couple with a poem
she wrote about her Baby Sister...Jim, Doug's older brother and
Best Man wrote one too.

~The Wedding Dance~

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hopkins!

We missed you Alan & Michelle!

You too, Torrey and Connie!


CA Poppy said...

Thank you for the Photos and the wishes at the end of the post. The garage sale finds look great too.

We missed being there with friends, but we are grateful for the tchnology that lets us enjoy moments from 2000 miles away.

Hugs and Kisses,

Alan and Michelle

Bonnie said...

I know that Lanette will posting some photos too, once she can catch her breath!

Lanette said...

Thanks Bon for the beautiful tribute - it meant so much to us and to Doug to have so many from home make the long trip. It was a beautiful day made even more wonderful by having you and Jim with us at the reception. I will be blogging soon....