Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary Missy and Chris!

Eternal Happiness To You Both!

August 16, 1997~ Salt Lake City, Utah

Dad & I are so proud of you two. You have accomplished a tremendous amount of wonderful things in the past eleven years. Finished your education, had 4 beautiful children, and created a lovely home for your family. There are no words to tell you how happy and grateful we are for the two of you. May you always have that love in your hearts that you do in this picture and a whole lot more that accumulates over years and years of your lives together. We love you! Have a great celebration!

Melissa's Bouquet

P.S. You started the family explosion just eleven years ago today. We have gone from five family members to 18 in less time than that! Whew! Quadrupling your joy is a good thing! We give a big "YES" vote for marriage as you are living it!

Salt Lake Temple
August 16, 1997