Friday, August 22, 2008

Crazy Making

This link is something a friend sent me and it truly is a crazy maker. You can actually accomplish this I did it once. If you can do this it will change colors. Lowell, you'll like this one.

Enjoy your weekend. We are going to our friends' son's wedding reception all the way in Gilroy tonight and Barbara is going with us. We look forward to having some time with you, Barb. Tomorrow more work around the house and yard for the Lowder reception here a week from today. I love it, we are getting so much done! But if we weren't having all this fun I'd rather be here...
Or here!


But instead~we'll work...sigh! We put a whole new bank of shelving in the warehouse too and I am almost done organizing that. It won't last long as we are having a house close escrow soon which means de-staging early next week. But it is nice to start out with everything in order.

So my to do list for today...wash car, plant some flowers, do two floral arrangements for hanging baskets on the porch, rent a gravel compresser for Jim for tomorrow, get a wedding I won't be doing much blogging today. Bought some great things at a moving sale yesterday will try to take pictures for our friend, Laura in Utah..per request. Have a ball with the above link. Until later.....


CA Poppy said...

Bonnie have a great time at the wedding and post some,Michelle