Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Gail!

Gail, we hope you have a wonderful birthday and let's catch some good movies soon! We hope your new year is filled with good stuff! We have to get back to touring the homes for sale together soon. That is always fun! American Harvest awaits too! Have a good one! Can't believe we have known you since you were 15 and here you are celebrating the anniversary of your 39th again! Enjoy your special day!


laura.elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Gail! We hope you have a fantastic day! We love you and miss you and wish you an Italian get-a-way in year to come! Love,

Miss Jen said...

Hey GG! Sorry Ididn'tevencall you! Yikes...I'm still having Hazel issues! Love you and hope it was a good day!